the best classic car you can rent are in cuba

one day i decided i will write everything i fell and this is what im doing right now

i born in cuba , this is an island in the caribean were almost the 70 percent of our population born with the american embargo ,for this reason we can not bay things that maybe you have in your life very simple like candys or chocolates but for us ,cubans all that its a dream ,for this reason cuba look like stock on time,one of the reason why we have the classic cars running in cuba because that was for a long time the closest way to have a transportation in the island ,keeping the old cars runing and in my humble oppinion we have to thank the embargo for making us very strong survivers as we all cubans are.this is why i think cuba its the best place to rent a classic car ,cause here its an auto but a history too


Ford 1957- Classic Tour Cuba Cars


We are pleased to introduce you to the majestic Ford of 1957, its characteristics can be seen at first sight. Space, comfortable. It becomes one of the classic cars most rented in Cuba because you can also enjoy the sun along the journey.